Our services include


Buying and selling Krugerrands as well as gold, silver and platinum coins.


With regard to Krugerrands and bullion items. 

Prices quoted are subject to change according

to the Rand/Dollar exchange rate and gold

or other bullion market fluctuations



Numismatic quality items, eg. sovereigns, proof sets and collectors sets.



Gold, silver, platinum jewellery and medallions bought and sold. This includes broken or unwanted items bought at ruling gold price by weight.



Militaria, including medals, badges, swords, bayonets and buttons.

Also P.O.W. (Prisoner of War ) items such as diaries and memorabilia .



Bank notes of the world and especially of early ZAR, Colonial and South African.



Philatelic items including: postal on cover, post cards and albums. (SA only to the end

of 1960). Books of a military nature including early photographs.



All Rhodesiana, especially Rhodesian war medals, flags, badges, books and collectors sets.



Hallmarked silver such as trophies, spoons and tableware.



Advice to collectors


It is always best to leave any of the above items in their original state. Cleaning in any form can destroy a potential profit.